Re: Dr. Art Capperauld,

Hello. My name is Dr. Bruce West. I am the founder of the health newsletter industry with my publication, Health Alert Newsletter, the first, now oldest, and most respected alternative health newsletter in the world. We have had more than 1,000,000 readers and helped more than 100,000 patients over the past 32 years.

For many years I had searched for a doctor who could help me handle the patient load and develop alternative health strategies and protocols for people in dire need of help. And for years I failed to find that special doctor—until I finally met Dr. Capperauld.

Art Capperauld proved to be one of the most skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable doctors that I could have ever found. I actually stole him from his teaching duties where he helped train doctors to learn alternative health skills and protocols.

Since then Dr. Capperauld has evaluated thousands of our patients and developed protocols for them all. His track record of success with patients is unmatched. From simple problems like chronic immune dysfunction, to advanced heart disease and worse, Dr. Art simply gets to the root cause of the problem and helps people get well.

His results speak for themselves. Read for yourself just some of the patient ratings and stories about how they got well with Dr. Art’s help. He continues to do this work for me and for his own patients. If I ever needed help for myself or my family, Dr. Art Capperauld is the man I would turn to.

When you see what his patients say about him, you will know that I am correct when I say that Dr. Capperauld is truly that one-in-a-million doctor that everyone is looking for.

Very sincerely,

Dr. Bruce West

Founder Health Alert Newsletter, and Health Alert/Immune Systems, Inc.



I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how grateful I am that you came into my life. For over five years I have suffered with debilitating chronic (2-3 per week) migraine headaches. I had endured every test known to man. I tried acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic, osteopathic, psychotherapy, massage therapy, a myriad of different kinds of drugs including beta blocker’s, anti depressants, pain medication, imitrex, steroids and even a few experimental drugs. All with many kinds of side effects.

It wasn’t until I came to you that I began to see real results. I had been told to change my eating habits before, but no one had ever helped me change them in an unthreatening way. Within a week of making the changes you suggested and starting on the supplements you prescribed, I felt better, many of my complaints disappeared. You helped me to feel that I could make the changes I needed to and gave me support through it all. Together we came up with workable solutions to all the obstacles I came up against. Since working with you, I can honestly say I feel at least 80% better, and I’ve only been seeing you for three months! I just wish I had found you five long years ago…well…it takes what it takes. I feel much more alive and hopeful about life, my attitude has improved. I have lot’s more energy and overall I feel much better. We started with the biggest complaints and have worked our way through those to the more subtle ones.

I know I still have a road ahead of me, but I know I am not alone and I can see light at the end of the tunnel! I truly am grateful to you Dr. Art. Thanks for helping me get my life back.




Nine years ago I was diagnosed with Fibro Myalgia, a disorder related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This illness includes numerous symptoms but the most debilitating is the unimaginable joint and muscle pain. It hurts to move, walk, sit; it even hurts to breathe. I believe the most tragic part of this illness is the mental strain that is experienced due to the inability to live a “normal” life. I was just too exhausted to enjoy anything. If that isn’t enough, I also suffered from severe stomach pains and irritable bowel syndrome.

Through the years I have seen a number of doctors and have experienced many treatments to help. I have tried different medications like antidepressants, pain relievers, and have even received cortisone injections. NONE of these possible remedies helped for any period of time. I finally accepted the fact that I would live the rest of my life with the pain and fatigue. Being that I’m in my 20’s the rest of life sounded like an eternity…

I have seen Dr. Art now for 6 months and I can’t explain how free I feel. I’m in control of my life again. No longer is my health in the hands of doctors who don’t know how to help me; I know how to help myself. Dr. Art has taught me how to listen to my body again which is something I spent years trying not to do because of the pain.

All I can say Dr. Art is thank you from the bottom of my heart.


C. B.


…I’d had Crohn’s Disease for 11 years but was, at that time, experiencing a chronic cough and arrhythmia for most of each day along with the intestinal discomfort. I had gained a lot of weight from the intermittent large doses of Prednisone over the years and was tired, listless, and basically unhappy and sick. Doctors couldn’t help me and I was desperate…

From the beginning, Dr. Art was so attentive and helpful… Within three days, the arrhythmia that was consuming my daily life, focus and concentration, was gone. He had discovered most of my discomfort was nutritionally based. My life changed for the better from that first examination.

Now, after a year of his careful care and the nutritional supplements he advised, I’m enjoying a life I’d never dreamed possible. I realize now I had some big problems, nutritionally, and my new diet is easy for me. My own primary care doctor is amazed with my turnaround; is overjoyed with my progress. I’ve lost 45 pounds, too! But the very best testimony I can give is when my husband, P___, thanked Dr. Art for giving him back his wife.

Dr. Art and I work together for my better health. There was a point where we did so on nearly a daily basis – his office was helpful, professional. He promised me his help at all times and he never gave up on me. He never forgets my health history and often reminds me of certain things. I’ve never been so happy with my health care. I’m indebted to Dr. Art and profoundly recommend him to my family and friends and anyone else who will listen. Many of my friends ask how I’ve gotten so healthy looking!




When I started going to Dr. Art, I was 20-25 lbs over the weight I had maintained my entire life. Being small, people did not realize that I was overweight. Also, I was in so much pain from my hip and back that I sometimes took 2 hours to get out of bed. I had to get up at night frequently to urinate, I did not sleep well and when I awoke I felt groggy. I had pneumonia 3 times in 2 years and was often sick.

After 6 months I am within 5 lbs of my goal weight and everyone says I look great. I sleep through the night and awaken fully before the alarm clock goes off. My hip and back are significantly improved, so much so that I rarely have pain. I have not been ill with so much as a cold! Many little things that were wrong with me but were hard to define also got better. In fact, I did not know how badly I felt until I got healthy. I would recommend Dr. Art to anyone wanting to get healthy and stay healthy.



I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes… I was put on two pills a day for blood sugar control and one for high blood pressure. I was also 20 lbs overweight.

... I became a patient of Dr. Art and began taking natural supplements he prescribed and flowing his eating plan for me. I stopped taking all medications towards the end of February as they were no longer necessary. Within six months of becoming a patient of Dr. Art, I was controlling my diabetes by diet and exercise (mostly diet), blood pressure was normal and I had lost 20 lbs. My cholesterol readings that had always been a little high were now in the normal range. While diabetes was my immediate concern when I went to Dr. Art, I have noticed allergies, shoulder problems and even common cold symptoms mysteriously disappear or occur less frequently. … The methods that Dr. Art uses are a bit strange to me and unorthodox but the results are very real and very positive.

I am grateful to Dr. Art for his caring and guidance on my path towards achieving optimum health.



I am writing to tell you of the wonderful progress my son H----- has made since he has become a patient of yours.

We had a reevaluation at H-----’s school for focusing and behavior issues today, just 3 weeks after you began treating him. The teacher has noticed a great difference in his focusing and behavior…all positive!! Three weeks ago he was writing one-page reports and yesterday he wrote a three-page report and didn’t even want to stop when the teacher said it was time.

At home we have noticed wonderful and positive changes in his behavior. The best word to describe his new attitude is “agreeable”. He has become easier going and there are fewer “battles”.

His response is more often, “OK, Mommy”, or “Sure Daddy”. His progress at school and at home has made us replace hopelessness for confidence. We are so happy and confident that our son’s progress continues.

Thank You and God Bless!

D. and B. M.


For the past six years I was chronically ill with a multitude of ailments ranging from extreme fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, toxicity, and insomnia, to allergies, severe congestion, and a persistent inability to focus and concentrate…

Taking copious notes and asking all the pertinent questions he spent a very long session with me reviewing my symptoms and struggles and really listened to what I was saying…after getting the results of the initial Analysis, I was put on an aggressive dietary and nutritional program that seemed to start working after only a few weeks. As my energy increased and my other symptoms waned, I was able to be much more active in the months that followed, realizing a full recovery in less time than I would have thought possible.

…I believe one of the keys to the program is Dr. Art’s consistent follow-up and care. He is truly an individual who loves what he does and has no hesitation in going the extra mile to accelerate your healing…

Thank you Dr. Art for making all the difference.



I sneezed, drained from the eyes, nose and throat for 1-2 hours each morning. I never felt very good but pushed myself to do everyday “Life”.

I had been under the care of another nutritionist for Cystic Breast Disease but was left after on year’s treatment with severe side affects. After taking myself off of 2/3rd’s of the treatment, I showed up at Dr. Art’s office still suffering substantially. Dr. Art explained to me why and what I was reacting to…The relief of the exhaustion was quick. The relief of the allergies took time. I didn’t realize how much my body needed to heal from years of eating incorrectly. Taking me off of the other nutritionist’s treatment and putting me on substances my body could handle made me feel 20 years younger almost immediately... I live 100% better now and don’t even realize I was ever ill…

I have resolved the problems I came in for and it has only been 4 months. I also don’t have any chronic neck, shoulder and hand pain. (We weren’t even addressing this issue). I know I will still need help for a while but I can not believe how good it feels to be normal again and actually live life rather than dragging myself through it to survive.



A note to extend my appreciation for my improved health due to your attentions.

My objectives at the outset, in Spring of this year, were to lose weight and gain energy. In a matter of three months I went from a too-heavy 195 lbs to a comfortable 175 lbs. And my 64 year old body feels more vital than it has in years.

I admit that I have no clue how your healing arts work, they’re mystic to me. But they indeed do work! …

The key to success with your program is following your dietary and supplemental schedule to the “T”, and I did (and still am), and it works!

Thanks, Dr. Art. I will continue to recommend you to friends, every one of which needs all the help he or she can get!

Warmest personal regards, 



For 13 years I have had chronic bleeding from ulcerative colitis. In two weeks, by following your guidance, advice, and taking the supplements provided by you, my bleeding stopped. The medical community had been working on this problem with me for all this time, writing various prescriptions which never worked, and doing endless tests and colonoscopys…Thank you for solving my problem in such a short time, and from what I can see, permanently.

Additionally, other problems that are related are now clearing up. I have had shoulder pain for the past 7 years, and even had a new shoulder replacement a year ago. But the shoulder pain persisted. Now, with your treatment, I enjoy freedom from shoulder pain.

My energy level has begun reaching back in time to that once available boundless energy of 15 years ago. My hope has soared as I realize that a problem usually resulting in a colostomy or death by cancer has at long last been reversed.

Thank God for you, Dr. Capperauld. My life is in your capable hands.




…And I realized that I had a vision problem. This was my introduction to macular degeneration.

Over the years – 37 of them – I’ve been diagnosed by optometrists and ophthalmologists with the same parting words: “Call me if it gets worse.” It got worse, at irregular intervals. My vision gradually got worse, as the years went by.

…The treatments I’d been getting had been ineffective. So I signed up for Dr. Art Capperauld’s system… Here was a different approach, indeed. But I followed his instructions in the time since starting the treatments. And my trend stopped getting worse…which is a distinct “win”. My vision may not be better, but it’s no worse than before. In view of the priceless value of vision, I consider Dr. Art’s treatment as a real winner.



I would like to thank you for all you have done for me and my baby girl, K_______.

I never used Standard Process before my pregnancy, so I was very nervous and skeptical about trying something different. Others told me Standard Process is the way to go for a healthy baby, but it wasn’t until I sat down with you that I felt totally comfortable about it. You answered all of my questions and there was no doubt in your mind that Standard Process was the best pre-natal care for my baby and me.

I must say, the entire pregnancy was the best I had ever felt in my life. I had tons of energy, my complexion was excellent, I did not have back pain, and I only gained 19 pounds.

K______ was born 1 week early and healthy as can be. She was 6 pounds 12 ounces and 19 inches long. My labor was only 3 ½ hours long, and my recovery was spectacular.

I thank you again for the care and support you gave me…You are a great chiropractor and I appreciate your knowledge.

Sincerely, TT